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Цирк под названием разведка США. Сказ о том, как тупили ЦРУ, ФБР и АНБ. MOUNT SHOW #78

Цирк под названием разведка США. Сказ о том, как тупили ЦРУ, ФБР и АНБ. MOUNT SHOW #78
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15.02.2017 08:15
The luxury items up for sale at a Georgia auction gallery last month would've made any stylish woman blush: fur coats dyed in red, purple and teal; Chanel and Rolex watches; diamond bracelets and jewelry studded with precious stones like pearls, sapphires and emeralds. But it wasn't just an ordinary estate Mulberry Replica Handbags sale at Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery in Atlanta, where buyers also had their chance to bid on pricey designer handbags, shoes, crystal, art and even vintage Barbie dolls formerly owned by Diane McIver, the wife of a prominent attorney who is free on bond while facing charges in the woman's death. I am Russian. I know fur, Olga Podeszwa told Racked.com during the three-day luxury Cheap Louis Vuitton estate sale last month. Russian women would die for some of these coats. Another woman at the auction, Natasha Johnson, said the ongoing media coverage of McIver's death and the allure of discounted fur coats and Miu Miu Replica Handbags or Chanel bags attracted her to the sale, although she didn't manage to snag any pieces. It's sad, Johnson told Racked.com. I heard they're auctioning off the priceless possession of this woman to cover her husband's legal fees. They should wait until after the trial. But where else could you find these fabulous items at this price?
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